Will Common Repellants Prove Effective Against Irvine Bat Infestations?

When you have a bat infestation problem, it is only natural that you try all possible ways to get rid of them. Perhaps a few bats will not necessarily be an issue. In fact, it can actually help you in controlling the population of the insects. However, when you have a huge colony of bats, it is time for you to drive them away from your property. Some people believe that using ammonia and mothball will help deter the bat activities. 

Using Ammonia or Mothball to Repel Bats

Perhaps you' ve read in a magazine or on a website that using ammonia and mothballs will work effectively against Irvine wildlife infestation. Since they are commonly found in our home, some people may also think that they are natural repellents. However, before you start to use them, be sure to read this article first.

Using Mothballs against Bats

Those who are using mothballs to repel California bats are exposing their pets and kids to dangers. Your pets and kids that are exploring your property will think that these are foods. Children also constantly put various things in their mouth. The toxic substance found in the mothballs is hazardous and ingesting this unintentionally warrants an immediate medical attention. The fumes that it releases are dangerous. Those who have sensitive skin will also have a negative reaction when exposed directly to mothballs.  

Mothballs are not natural solution and it has a detrimental effect to our environment. Mothballs will contain paradichlorobenzene and naphthalene. These compounds contain high level of toxicity that can contaminate your water source as well as the soil. This can have an adverse effect to your plants. 

Ammonia as Repellents

Ammonia contains the same scent of the animal' s urine. This is why some people will think that it can be an effective repellent against bats. There are some that will apply it directly on the place of infestation and other will soak a rag on a bottle of ammonia and hang it in the roost of the bats. The wild creatures can easily avoid the rags that contain ammonia. Those that will spray ammonia should understand that this is pointless. The scent will dissipate after only a few hours. You should also never mix ammonia with bleach since this will produce a fume that is toxic to everyone.

Alternative to Ammonia and Mothballs

For those who are looking for a better way to deter the activities of the California bats, installing exclusion device in your property would be the best method. This will help you get rid of the bats and prevent them from returning. Simply seal the entry holes of the bats and install the 1way door on the main access point. Leave it for a few days before removing the exclusion device and sealing the last hole. 

You need to think twice when using Irvine ammonia or mothballs since they can have a negative effect on your health. They are not natural solution and they contain toxic chemicals that will make your house a dangerous place to live in.

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