Steps to Take ASAP if a Pigeon is in Your Irvine Home!

Some people think that a bird visiting your California house is a bad omen. They believe that it is related to the impending death of a loved one. While this is only a superstition, there are still various reasons why homeowners should make it a point to keep the pigeons away from their house. Nonetheless, dealing with your pigeon infestation can be an arduous task. Once it accidentally ends up inside our house, their lack of familiarity will make it difficult for them to find an escape route.

Things You Need to Do During a Pigeon Invasion

In case the Irvine pigeon invaded your kitchen, bedroom, or other parts of your house, you will have to find ways on how to encourage them to leave quickly. They can damage our belongings and transmit the parasites and pathogens that they are carrying while inside our house. Here are some things that you will have to do in case a pigeon accidentally end up inside your house.

Turn on the Lights

Since it would be impossible for you to capture the bird that is running amok in the dark, you will have to turn on the lights first. While the pigeons will usually be active during the day, they will be able to see clearly in the dark. This means that they can easily avoid your attack in the dark. There is also a high risk that your personal belongings will be damaged if the room is dark.

Avoid Scaring the Irvine Pigeon

Some California people will try to pick just about anything to throw directly to the poor pigeon. This is not the best way to get them out of our house. This will startle the poor creature and will make it difficult for them to settle on a particular location. This implies that capturing them will be a lot challenging. If you want to capture the pigeon, using a catch pole would be an excellent option. Try to hide it behind you and do not raise the stick since this will alarm the bird. Stay calm and move slowly towards the bird to increase the chance of capturing them.

Close the Doors That Leads To the Other Rooms

The pigeon will leave our California house on their own accord as soon as they found the perfect escape route. This means that providing them with a way to escape is an excellent way to get rid of them. Open your door that leads to the outside and close the other door that directs to the other part of your house. This is the perfect way to lead them outside of your property.

It is highly essential to keep the Irvine birds out of our house to ensure that our home will remain a safe place for our loved ones. On the off chance that none of the methods we mentioned above works for the nuisance bird, try to employ the service of the professionals. Perhaps there are other reasons on why the pigeon refused to leave our house that only the experts can determine.

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