Most Simple Yet Effective Remedies to Rid of Your Irvine Raccoon Problem!

Raccoons are furry and charming California creatures but they are also known for their destructive behavior. They are usually found in the wild especially in the areas with rich vegetation. They are adept climbers that give them the capacity to climb trees and structure. They can tear the shingles, destroy our garden and spread diseases. Once they invaded our house, it is time for you to find a way to get rid of them immediately. 

Keep the Irvine Raccoons Away From Your Property Using Simple Remedies

There are various ways to eliminate the California raccoons that are infesting your property. While there are people who find their cute appearance appealing, the way they rummage our garbage can will not be. In case you are not sure about the best solution for your problem, we listed some of the remedies that can deter their activity.

Keeping Them Away from the Garden

The raccoons that you normally see in the garden will be looking for vegetables and fruits. In case you noticed some damages on your foliage, you need to act immediately. One bite on the vegetables in your garden will be enough to invite them to stay. In order to avoid this situation, installing barrier and fences would be an excellent solution. There are some instances when the regular type of fence will not be sufficient. During this time, you need to consider introducing electric fences in your property. In some cases, you can also play radio since the voice of the human can frighten them.

Keeping Them Away from the Yard

In the event that there are tiny holes that are found in your California lawn, this creature is perhaps digging to look for insects. If this is your situation, keeping them away from your yard can be a challenge. Nonetheless, it will not be impossible. Since they are nocturnal creatures, they will normally dig during nighttime. Consider installing bright light with motion sensor that will startle them. Some animal organization is recommending the use of capsaicin repellent, but we cannot guarantee its effectiveness. 

Keep Them Away from Your Trash

Digging through our trashcans is a common practice for most raccoons. This is especially true in case your trashcan does not have a secured lid. Your trash can is probably the thing that attracts the raccoon to stay in your property. In order to drive them away, make certain that your garbage bins outside of your house are equipped with secured lid. You may also use bungee cord in order to keep the lids in place.

Finally, if the Irvine raccoons are already inside our home, you will have to determine the entry points of the raccoon and seal it. Refrain from using lethal method such as poison and firearms since it comes with risks. The simple remedies that we mentioned above would be enough to drive them away especially if it is done properly. In case the raccoon refused to leave your property, it is time for you to hire the help of the professionals.

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