Why You Should Avoid Handling Any California Snake With Bare Hands, Unless You're Steve Irwin

Snakes have been depicted negatively on most mainstream media. However, you will be surprised to know that not all of them will release venom that may threaten your life. Nonetheless, you still don' t want to handle them using only your bare hands. You are exposing yourself to certain risks if you are handling them without any protection. If you do not have the experience and skills, it is not recommended to interact with the creature.

Reasons Why You Shouldn' t Handle the Snake

Unless you are a California professional venom extractor or a snake removal expert, you should not handle the Irvine snakes. Even the herpetologist and the zoo keepers will need to use equipments to restrain their movements. These equipments are meant to keep them safe from the threat of the snake.

Venomous Snake

The venomous snake should only be handled using an equipment and with a skilled personnel. It is important to properly identify the type of snake infesting your house before you interact with them. You should also prepare anti-venom in case things go beyond your control. Even the possession of the snake is being regulated under the law due to the dangers related with venomous snakes. Usually, they should only be used for research purposes. While it may be quite rare to hear someone dying from the bite of the snake, it can still happen.  

Component of the Venom

The venom of the California snakes is divided into 4 categories. It may contain toxic component, glycoprotein, polypeptides, and compound that contain reduced molecular weight. These are very dangerous since it destroys the normal function of the cells. There are snake bites that are neurotoxic. They can cause severe damage to our nervous system that will affect our respiration. This may lead to serious condition if not provided with the right anti-venom. They can also destroy the component of our blood that may cause uncontrolled bleeding, thrombosis that may progress into renal failure. 

How to Properly Handle the Snakes

When you are capturing the California non-venomous snakes, you will need to find ways to restrict its head first. You will also have to support its body to avoid agitating the creature. When handling them be sure that you have already established that they are non-venomous. Using snake hooks and snake tongs would be the best way to capture them. However, if you do not have access to this equipment, you may use a blanket when restraining the snakes. Simply throw the blanket on them and place heavy objects on the edge of the blanket. After that, call the help of the professionals to take them away. 

You should never handle the Irvine snakes using your bare hand. You will need to wear protective gears and use equipment such as snake tong and hooks that will make it safer to capture the creature. In case you do not have an experience in dealing with snakes, be sure to let the experts handle this. They are equipped with tools, knowledge, and experience needed to extract them from your property safely.

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